Zhanxuan Hu

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Zhanxuan Hu(户战选)
Associate professor at Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications
Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.
Email: zhanxuanhu [AT] gmail.com

Reasarch Introduction

My research interests include machine learning, computer vision and its application in geoscience problems:

  • Machine Learning
    Low-rank matrix learning, Clustering, Multi-view learning .

  • Representation learning
    Hashing, Metric Learning, RID etc.


  • Ph.D., Sept. 2017 - 2021
    Advisor: Prof. Feiping Nie
    School of Artificial Intelligence, Optics and Electronics
    Northwestern Polytechnical University

  • B.E., Sept. 2011 - June 2015
    Daqing Normal University


Recent News

  • Sept. 2021, One paper was accpeted by INS.

  • July. 2021, One paper was accepted by INS.

Selected Publications

  • Generalization Bottleneck in Deep Metric Learning,
    Zhanxuan Hu, Danang Wu, Feiping Nie, Rong Wang*, Information Sciences (INS), 2021

  • Learning to Hash based on Angularly Discriminative Embedding,
    Zhanxuan Hu, Shuzheng Hao, Feiping Nie, Rong Wang*, Xuelong Li, Information Sciences (INS), 2021

  • Deep learning for simultaneous seismic image super-resolution and denoising,
    Jintao Li, Xinming Wu*, Zhanxuan Hu, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing(IEEE-TGRS), 2021

  • Robust Matrix Completion with Column Outliers,
    Feiping Nie*, Ziheng Li, Zhanxuan Hu, Rong Wang, Xuelong Li, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics(IEEE-TCYB), 2021

  • Multi-view spectral clustering via integrating nonnegative embedding and spectral embedding,
    Zhanxuan Hu, Feiping Nie, Rong Wang*, Xuelong Li, Information Fusion (INF), 2020

  • Low Rank Regularization: A review,
    Zhanxuan Hu, Feiping Nie, Rong Wang*, Xuelong Li, Neural Networks (INF), 2020

  • Multi-view spectral clustering via sparse graph learning,
    Zhanxuan Hu, Feiping Nie, Wei Chang, Shuzheng Hao, Rong Wang*, Xuelong Li, Neurocomputing (NC), 2020